Thursday, May 7

Almost the end [Part II]...

I'm going to sit for my last final examination starting from this coming Monday (May 11). Still doing head banging in front of my computer. Gotta study real soon.

FYP Presentation = Final Paper

The final year project presentation schedule is out now (latest updated on May 6). Nothing much, except that my presentation will be held on the same day as my last exam paper with 40 minutes gap. Nice..~. Before this it clashed with each other but due to my complaint the slot is now changed. I'm thinking of going out from exam hall earlier that day, but only God knows if the exam paper is going to be manageable.

My Latest Artwork

I want to share something, this my latest work in deviantART:

I'm thinking of doing a cat poster after this if I have time. Ah, lagho nya aku...

May 10

May 10 is coming, and I can't run from thinking of my late grandfather who passed away 5 years ago on the same date. I wish that he is with me right now, giving me chance to at least say thank you for all the love and encouragement that he gave me since I was a child. I don't know how I can repay him for what he has done except to pray that he will always be blessed by Allah.

Reality, it's too sad to be true but you can't avoid it anyway cause it's real as it is.

Anyway, good luck to all for the coming exams!


Mohd Hafizd said...

gud luck exammmmm~!!! lepas nih xde exam daaa

moroka said...

thanks pitya. yeah to no more exam! :D

HARITH said...

yeah..all best best buddy..hehe :D

moroka said...

gudluck2. :D