Tuesday, November 25

Bila blogging hilang serinya...

Banyak benda yang bermain dalam pemikiran sekarang. Ada dua lagi paper final exam, dan paper yang terakhir tu memang sangat merunsingkan aku. Tengah risau, ada pula perkara-perkara lain yang terus membuatkan aku jadi tak tentu hala.

Dua hari lagi, akan balik rumah - menikmati semula ketenangan yang tak mungkin aku dapat di mana-mana. Bersama keluarga sendiri yang memang amat memahami diri aku, aku rasa itu ialah kebahagiaan yang tak tertanding nilainya. Bukannya aku tak menghargai kawan-kawan, tapi siapa yang lebih memahami diri ini jika tidak darah daging sendiri - orang yang mempunyai pertalian darah dan genetik. Aku sedar aku bukanlah insan yang sangat mantap dalam bersosial, nak dapat kawan pun susah. Bila dah dapat kawan, nak menjaga hubungan dengan mereka lagi susah. Ada sahaja perkara yang menimbulkan ketidaksefahaman.

Berbalik kepada topik, ini ialah entri terakhir aku untuk semester ini. Banyak juga persepsi aku tentang blogging yang telah berubah semenjak akhir-akhir ini. Sekarang aku rasa blogging sudah tiada serinya - menimbulkan konflik dan menggugat emosi adalah. The first time I set this blog up, my real intention was for fun, berkongsi kegembiraan atau mungkin apa-apa sahaja yang difikirkan perlu. I have never been really serious about things in here. Doing the tags, being emotional sometimes, sharing some of my personal photos, etc - all of them are for fun, or to express my feelings that I don't have courage to say in words.

I do comment on other people's blog, and sometimes it just came out spontaneously without thinking. It depends on what I usually said to the people in real life if I know them well. If I don't know them, I'll just make some simple and common sentence and not to take it too personal. But I do make mistake in my comment - mungkin ada yang akan tersinggung.

Bukan sekali dua juga aku mendapat komen yang menyinggung perasaan sebelum ini (ada yang sampai mengganggap entri aku sebagai sampah, etc), dan itu tidak pernah memutuskan semangat aku untuk terus berblog. Bila di dada-dada akhbar ada berita yang menyatakan blogger ditangkap kerana menyebarkan fitnah, aku selalu teringatkan blog aku. Ada fitnahkah di dalam isi kandungannya? Aku harap tidak. Mungkin jika blog aku sudah sampai ke tahap fitnah memfitnah, serinya sudah hilang entah ke mana.

Sekarang, mungkin sudah sampai masanya untuk aku berhenti seketika daripada blogspot.com. I'll leave this blog as it is (in case I want to come back later which I really doubt it), and I'll continue reading some of my friend's blog, tapi aku mungkin tidak lagi aktif untuk mengemaskini blog atau memberikan komen selepas ini. Maaf - for now, I want to say a lot, but I prefer to keep quiet. Mungkin betul juga pesanan "Diam itu lebih baik daripada berkata-kata yang tidak perlu"

Sampai jumpa lagi di lain masa. Selamat bercuti buat kawan-kawan.

Monday, November 17

#Tag 11 - Workstation

The 11th tag is from Miss Zaza. It's about workstation - here is the instruction.

Arahan: Snap work station anda. Then..taruk link blog kat bawah gambar work station anda..iaitu bersebelahan dengan link-link blog yang ada..tengok contoh yang dibuat nih..begitulah seterusnya sampai bila-bila, ok..sekiranya tag ini berkembang..pastikan akan ada banyak link-link di bawahnya..kalau tak..terencatlah dia..hahaha..lastly..tolong pas tag ini pada tujuh (7) blogger lain..pass lah pada siapa-siapa.

That's it. This is my workstation after the "Engineers in Society" thing. I'll remove the tablet when I want to start preparing for "Reactor Design" later. Wish me luck guys. Tq :D

No one is going to be tagged in this one. Lucky you guys. Hahaha.

Saturday, November 15

Tag #10 - About a person of different gender

I finished my third exam paper for this semester today. Two more to go, 12 days later. This is kind of temporary independence (\o/) for me - as a result, I can update my blog and my deviantart page more often. With or without independence I did it anyway. It is just a matter of whether you feel more or less freedom inside you, that's all. =D

I got another tag. This time it is from Kak Budu and Abe Orkid (terpengaruh ngn kak budu la ni..isk3). The tag is about someone from different gender. I will do about my sister, who is currently struggling in her final examination in UPSI.

This is all about her, so this post is kind of boring. Hahahaha. =p

What is the relationship of you and her?
mentioned earlier

Your 5 impressions towards her
I can give hundreds and thousands but I'll just put one - she is someone you can talk to when you have some problems but the problems must NOT be related to computer. I remember one day, she asked me why her notebook did not produce any sound, in fact she put her notebook to mute mode. Typical girl. =p

The most memorable things she had done for you
a birthday present - a diary with a key. I started to write a diary after that but when I have my own computer, I start writing in Microsoft Word and put the digital one hidden in my personal folder. The diary she gave me is still somewhere in my precious box. :)

The most memorable things she have said to you?
Something about me, personally. Not really something that I want to share publicly.

If she becomes your enemy, you will
I hope she'll not, forever.

If she becomes your enemy, the reason is
There's no reason, that's why I really hope.

The most desirable thing to do on her is?
I bullied her a lot together with my big bro when she was in primary school. Now, the most desirable thing to do is gossiping about someone/something over the phone. Hahaha. =p

The overall impression of her
Should I give a rating..?

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
Ask the people around me..why did you ask me?

The character of you for yourself is?
Quite, emotional, bla bla

The character you hate of yourself is?
Lazy, emotional, bla bla

The most ideal person that you want to be is?
Can I be one if I state it here? Hoho.

For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.
I can't promise to care and like you back as much as you do, but I'll try my best *hug*

2 people to tag (sorry I have no idea who else to tag)
1. miss zaza

2. pitya aka hafizd

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
I saw his ym status "I'm single and available but not seeking"

Does this explain...

Is no. 3 a male or a female?
No 3 is a ghost, neither male nor female

What is no. 1 studying about?

Ask her.

Anymore tag, preferably about myself. Hahahaha.

Monday, November 3

Tag #8

Ingatkan dah habis berblog semester ni tapi ditag pulak oleh Kak Budu. Terpaksalah menaip lagi. Tag kali ni agak mendedahkan diri sendiri (ini sudah lebih dari mencapub) - jadi most of the questions akan aku jawab secara umum saja...and most of them will be left blank. Hahaha.

1. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. each player answers the questions about themselves
3. at the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

nama diberi - mohd rosli
nickname - moroka bkn moroko atau maruku!



shoe size

170 kot

where do you live:
Kelantan, Malaysia

have you ever been on a plane?
dah kot

swam in the ocean?
berendam je..bukan berenang

fallen asleep in school?
time preparation class ada la dua tiga kali..

broken someone's heart?
i dunno..maybe more than someone.
and mine was broken more than once as well.

fell off your chair?
seingat aku belum.

sat by the phone and waited all night for someone to call?
perlu ke?

saved emails?
only important ones

what is your room like?
shared with my brothers - details?
go to my house

what's right beside you?
Acer and/or Nokia are always near me

what was the last thing you ate?
nasi + lauk - normal routine

ever had chicken pox?
x hengat

like picnics?
boleh la...

who was/were the last person you dance with?
...i'm not a good dancer

last made you smile?
..the moment I finished compiling PDP report
..it was just a matter of seconds before I suddenly remember that
I still have another report to be done!

you last yelled at...
..someone yelled at me ada la.

today did you talk to someone you like?

kissed anyone?

get sick?
....question is not accurate

talk to an ex?
do i have an ex?
...i wish i don't have an ex at all.

missed someone?
..not really

who do you really hate?
...why do you want to know anyway?

do you like your handwriting?
what's not to like?

are your toenails painted?
..wut??..painting kat MS paint la wei.

whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in?
..i like my bed.

what colour shirt are you wearing right now?
...it doesn't matter.

are you a friendly person?

do you have any pets?
I don't - my sisters have

do you sleep with the tv on?
..i can't sleep with tv on.

what are you doing right now?
..what kind of question is this.
of course doing the tag. ask this question again!

can you handle the truth?
..the truth is very bitter..it takes time

are you closer to your mother or father?
..both..sometimes mother sometimes father
ok ok..most of the time mother.

do you eat healthy?

do you still have pictures of you and your ex?
there's no reason for that

if you're having a bad day, who would you most likely go to?
at utp my best buddy harith
at home my mum

are you loud or quiet most of the time?
quiet..apa bising2 neh?

are you confident?
not everytime

I want to skip the following questions:

5 things I did 10 years ago:

5 things I would do if I am a billionaire:

5 of my bad habits:

5 places I used live in:

Right. Now I tag:
Anyone who wants to be tagged - go ahead

This is the longest tag I've ever done.
More tags, please.

Cheers :D

Thursday, October 30

My Little Concern.

*Previous post is now the second last post for this semester. This is all emotional, if you don't feel like reading something not fun, please don't start.

Life goes on, and it is sometimes really troublesome. I don't know how should I put my thoughts all together here today but I'll try not to express that I am all about myself (in fact, I am). Ok, I am all about myself today.

Little things that I found keep bothering myself over and over, little things that keep wandering in my subconscious mind:

> It is not easy for me to build relationship with people. I guess I am not good in social life. I encountered several incidents in my life that shattered my trust towards people, which I think is not totally their mistakes, but some are mine. I feel terrible that I've not been taking care of them good enough.

> Sometimes I found myself wondering what the heck am I doing on the bed. Those extra sound effects, give me almost the same effect as caffeine. Why should I be forced to hear what I don't want to hear? The same thing when I am 'looking' at my chemical reactions, or the historical facts of Islamic civilization, etc I do want a moment of peace. And why should I bother telling others about this over and over? Keep reading...

> I don't like to explain the same thing over and over to the same people. If I have once told you about something, I don't feel like to express that again and again. (I think that's one of the reasons why I keep getting myself bothered) - I just don't like to express myself so much. If I told you once that I can't stand something, can you understand that it means I can't stand it forever. If I don't like to eat that particular thing that day, it means I don't like to eat it forever, not just that day. I'm really tired. And I'm tired...

> I'm tired of people judging. Judging is not constructive criticisms. Criticizing gives some room for improvement but judging gives none - it's destructive. If you don't know me good enough, don't say that and this (bad things) about me. Who are you to judge me? Yes, maybe you want to improvise me because I'm not good, but please, don't judge. A piece of sincere advice is a lot better than a judgment. Give me a room to breath, I'm normal person, I'm not perfect - do remember that fact.

> And don't judge me after reading this emotional part of mine - and don't bother to comment if you don't want to - I just want to release something in me today, something that I've been dying to release long time ago.

Wednesday, October 29

Wish List Updated...

I went to Ipoh on 22nd October with my best buddy to buy a new phone and a graphic tablet. My original plan is to buy the phone during this coming semester break, and a tablet next year. But I suddenly changed my mind.

Right now, I'm still trying my best to figure out how to use the tablet - it's a Genius, not a Wacom (Wacom is the best brand for graphic tablet) but I think it is good enough for a start. It's just for fun anyway. I hope I'll find some time to use the tablet later, which I really doubt it. Final year project, and final year design project have given me good enough reason to be busy until the end of the semester.

I don't want to spend so much money (above 1000) for a phone, so I could not get my hand on a Nokia N82. I ends up with N73 ME. Alhamdulliah, so far so good. Hopefully I can use this phone as long as possible just like my previous phone (about 4 years). I've discovered most of the functions in the phone since I am very familiar with Symbian OS - the same operating system for my previous phone.

PSP is out of my league right now because I found out that my interest in games has grew weaker. Does that mean I'm getting older, and more mature? Probably NOT. I still miss Marvel Ultimate Alliance game so badly, sometimes.

What about next year, what will be my next gadgets? I would love to have a new Canon/Nikon DSLR next year. I would love to discover photography - showing the world through my own perspective through the camera. I'll also reconsider a PSP if I change my mind about games again later.

So many things to consider, huh? Surely, this desire knows no limit - the only limit is actually how much money in our hand and how we want to spend it properly.

Tomorrow there will another test (the last one),last class for this semester, another project report to be submitted - and next week will be the oral presentation for final year project I?? What?? Forgive me my supervisor, my work has not yet been growing so much.

Last but not least, my final exam will be from 10th November until 27th November - wish me luck everyone. This post is probably my last post for this semester. Until then, see you!

p.s: Good luck to those who are going to sit for final exam! Let us fight for our best :D

Tuesday, October 14

Are you happy?

I found these beautiful thankfulness words from my friend in DeviantART, and I thought it would be nice to share them with you here.

I am happy:

For the wife who says it's hot dogs tonight because
she is home with me and not out with someone else.

For the husband who is on the sofa being a couch potato
because he is home with me and not out at the bars.

For the teenagers who are complaining about doing dishes
because it means they are at home and not on the streets.

For the taxes I pay
because it means I am employed.

For the mess to clean after a party
because it means I have been surrounded by friends.

For the clothes that fit a little too snug
because it means I have enough to eat.

For my shadow that watches me work
because it means that I am out in the sunshine.

For a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning,
and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home.

For all the complaining I hear about the government
because it means we have freedom of speech.

For the parking spot I find at the far end of the lot
because I am capable of walking and I have been blessed
with transportation.

For my huge heating bill
because it means I am warm.

For the lady behind me who sings off key
because it means I can hear.

For the pile of laundry and ironing
because it means I have clothes to wear.

For weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day
because it means I have been capable of working hard.

For the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours
because it means I am alive...

Are you happy? Whatever you do, I hope you are.

Thursday, October 9

Tag #7 - 7 Facts (to MenCaPuB) about YourselF

Kali ini tag diterima daripada Wusna Dewi dan Kak Budu dan Burgers. Terima kasih kakak berdua - the tag is yet another opportunity for me to mencapub. Hahahaha. :P

Rules of the tag:-
  • Link to your tagger and post these rules in your blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Facts about myself - Some Random, Some Weird

1. Saya suka makan - semua makanan saya suka tapi yang paling saya suka ialah masakan kampung. (sayakan orang kampung - hihihik)

2. Saya suka minum - semua minuman saya suka tapi yang paling saya suka ialah susu yang baru saya beli minggu lepas.

3. Hand phone saya rosak sekarang - jadi jangan telefon saya!

4. Saya suka tidur - jangan kacau saya masa saya tengah tidur. Kalau tak saya emo! Hahaha.

5. I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy and Deviantart.

6. I'm not single ---- yes, yes..I'm not single

(tajuk movie yang baru saya tengok semalam. )

7. I was having a very hard time thinking of all the facts above!

I wanna tag people listed below so that they will be having hard time too :P

Ahmd Thani,



Do it if you have time - kalau tak tak apa.
No harm done. :P

Tag #6 - First Time for Everything

Dah lama ditag oleh Illy tapi baru sekarang nak buat. Sorry Illy. Sebelum ni tak ada mood nak buat tag. The tag is about "First Time in Everything" - rasa macam pernah buat tapi boleh kot dibuat sekali lagi since there are way too many first times. :P

I'll just copy her first times..yeah..yeah I'm a lazy lad!

1) First time naik kapal terbang
Last year - to Germany. About 13 hours of flight. Mak aku risau sebab aku pertama kali naik kapal terbang pun dah kena naik lama-lama.

2) First time beranak
Erm...erm...erm. Next question please.

3) First time pergi oversea
Last year juga.

4) First time duduk jauh dr famili
Form 4 - masuk MRSM Pengkalan Chepa.

5) First time keje
Tak pernah lagi - ada lah tolong ayah buat rumah sikit2 masa cuti dulu-dulu.

6) First time rasa diri gemuk

7) First time bercinta
Apa itu cinta? :P

8) First time rasa diri cantek
Cantek tak..cute ada lah.. Hoho :P

9) First time masuk cinema
2004 - Masa mula-mula masuk UTP. The first lucky movie is "White Dragon" ke apa namanya.

10) First time admitted in hospital
Masa kecik-kecik. Tak ingat bila sebab kecik sangat masa tu. Hahaha.

11) I would like to Tag :

Kak Budu
Abe Harith
Ahmad Thani

Sila buat kalau ada masa + mood.
Kalau tak, tak apa. No harm done.

Sekian. One or two? more tag to go.

Tuesday, September 30

My Sister's Blog - Check it Out =D

My sister has a blog now. It is not actually her personal blog, it is for some of her products. In fact, I helped her to set up the blog. She is currently a freelancer working on business on various fields. So, this is one of her field - some accessories for the girls. Before this she never knew what blog is, and what blog can do to promote her products online - so I helped her to set the blog up, and consequently maintains the blog after this.

Check her blog out here:

If you're interested to get the products, you can contact me directly or just follow the instruction there. Promote...promote..hahaha. =D

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Monday, September 22

Caffeine = Insomnia

I think I haven't sleep for the last 24 hours. I don't really remember how much caffeine did I take last night. I tried to sleep but the caffeine in my blood pretty much told me not to. I woke up and start my routine with studying? Of course not. This week is going to be the last week in UTP before Hari Raya holiday. My mind is not in UTP, not anymore...only my body is.

If you asked me, how is the final year so far? I can quickly answer, "It is very well-packed with projects, but it doesn't mean my life is over." I have to at least open my photoshop program or browse through the internet - or else I'll explode thinking of all those projects.

This is gonna be my last post before Raya, so I would like to wish all of you "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin." Kita manusia biasa memang tak boleh lari daripada melakukan kesilapan, oleh itu marilah kita saling bermaaf-maafan sempena bulan yang mulia ini. 0-0

I need to sleep now. It's almost 7.00 AM!

Friday, September 19


It is a dinner for july 04/05 batch. I'm not gonna promote it here further since many of you already knew about it, but what I wanna share is the blog for the event:

Click here for Fabulosity

Visit the blog, it is really fun to read all those comments, especially from those heartless types who think that they are better than others, in fact they are NOT at all. Anonymous, sindarela...all kind of persons from nowhere...well if you've read this blog for a long time, you'll notice that I've posted about this before.

Just one word, if you really want to help the event, give positive criticism and not judgment of everything that the committee did. You think that you know better because you've handled such event before? Think twice because everything is not the same all the time. Things change.

This is just my few cents, I'm not a committee member of the event, and I'm still thinking whether to go or not but I have nothing to say, to lose or to sorry about if anyone is offended by this post.

Later, then.

Saturday, September 13

Long time no see...LOL :D

Berhabuk dan berdebu lagi blog aku ni. Saban hari semakin jarang aku singgah di sini. Terus terang aku katakan, aku asyik me'lagha' di DeviantART.com. Semakin hari semakin lagha. Hahahaha. :P

Just some update, alhamdulillah, setelah beberapa kali mencuba nasib dalam beberapa digital art contest di website tersebut, aku menang dalam dua contest. Salah satunya menerusi gambar ini:

Dan satu lagi, menerusi hasil kerja aku yang ini:

What type of prizes that I've won? I won mainly subscription to the site (I won 3 years ++ subscription that is worth about RM300.00). I also won some prints (print is just like poster of digital artwork). The other prizes are mainly exclusive stock photos, commision of artwork, journal feature, and etc. You will not understand most of these terms unless you're active on DeviantART just like me. Hahahaha. :P

I know...I know, someone who read this post will say, what is he bragging about? I'll simply answer, "This is my blog, so I'll just brag about almost anything I wanted to."

That's all of my bragging...comment if you like to, keep quiet if you don't..Hahahahaha.

Jane..~ see you later in the next post. I'll try to update as often as possible in the near future..hopefully.

Monday, August 25

Hobi Saya Ialah Mengumpul Setem

Dah lama tak mengupdate blog. Dah berhabuk, berasap, berdebu dan segala macam lagi ber-- blog aku yang tak seberapa ni. Dua hari lepas one of my bestest friends in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, Pak Thani give a shout in my chat box. Forget about "Pak" title, he is one day younger than me. Kepala aku agak pusing sikit malam ni. Dia dah ada blog juga rupanya, dan ini membuatkan semangat aku untuk kembali aktif berblog semakin menebal. Yeah.

Back to the topic, hobi aku dulu-dulu mengumpul setem. (Dulu-dulu = zaman sekolah rendah). Sekarang aku tak lagi aktif untuk menambah collection, cuma kadang-kadang aku akan tengok balik setem-setem yang aku kumpul. Ini adalah sebahagian collection yang aku paling hargai, especially yang harimau kumbang tu. Sebabnya? Salah satu setem harimau kumbang itu aku tukar dengan kawan aku yang sangatlah kedekut (ops! that's the truth) - aku kena bagi dia sampai 15 keping setem aku yang lain hanya untuk satu setem dia. Semuanya kerana aku nak cukupkan full set. At that time, aku dah ada tiga tapi dia cuma ada satu of the same set. Tapi aku rasa berbaloi dan puas hati bila set tu dah cukup di tangan aku. Wahaha :D

Harimau kumbang oh harimau kumbang...~

POS Malaysia...tapir...Sepang

Kucing-kucing yang cumil, digemari oleh adikku..tapi bukan aku. Hahaha


Malaya - my oldest stamp

Ok lah, itu sajalah update untuk kali ini. See you later in the next post. What should I write next? Choose one - you may take this topic for your post too..I don't mind:

1. Kemerdekaan - 31 Ogos dah dekat..
2. Ramadhan - Bilakah kita akan start puasa..Isnin, Selasa?
3. Aku balik rumah weekend ni? Hahahah...seronok2.
4. FYDP, FYP, Project..project..where is my life? Hahaha.

Oh, sebelum terlupa, aku ingin mengucapkan selamat hari lahir ke-14 buat adikku yang montel. Today is his birthday...may Allah bless him. Amin.

Wednesday, August 6

Life as a student in UTP

I have no idea for new post. Not much of experiences to be shared, not much of incidents to be spilled out either. Heard of "kes buang bayi" somewhere around here, but what is the buzz? It is not nothing new except that it happened over and over again among college students who were once expected to be the future leaders. I don’t want to talk about that. Jagalah diri, hiasilah peribadi. Someone said, "Nak buat jahat pun pandai-pandailah. Jangan sampai malu diri sendiri dan menyusahkan orang lain (family, etc)."

Enough of that matter. This is what I wanna talk about. What is the difference between being in the final year and the previous junior-years? Not much except that there are a lot of projects going on. I wonder what the real purpose of these projects is. I don’t want to talk about that any longer either. The main thing is, UTP is still the same in term of internet connection, etc. It is really frustrating when I really want to do my projects and assignments but the connection just sucks. Sometimes, it takes forever to load a simple page like Google. How much do we have to pay for the connection? Does anyone here know about the price? What I know is it doesn’t come with a FREE price tag. Maybe it is included somewhere in the fees.

And secondly, the "good" news is allowance for this month is still pending. Good! It is already August 6. Make megi repih pat la napoknye bulan ni, dok gitu best buddy? Hahaha. I don’t wanna talk about that any further either. Then some strangers who read this post will ask, "Why don’t you complain about these matters to the respective persons/departments?" And I’ll simply answers, "I don’t wanna do that, not anymore because they are the same persons who had received similar complains approximately 1-2 years ago, and the same things happen over and over again!"

It’s not that I am not grateful to be here. I am. It’s just that sometimes I feel lost (in the Lost World of Tronoh) and disappointed with some of these facts.

Sunday, August 3

Created New Blog.

I decided to open a new blog. From this moment onwards, only anything related to my personal life and routine will be posted in this blog. For general info or reviews (movies. artwork, website review etc), they will be posted in my new blog. For the start I have transferred some of the reviews from this blog to my new blog. Soon, these blog will only contain something related to my personal routine as I'll save those posts related to general info as drafts. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 30

XxX .Banned shop. XxX

My roomate and I sent our Industrial Internship Final Report for hard cover binding purpose to one of the shops at Bandar Seri Iskandar last week on Sunday (20th July 2008). The report was supposed to be submitted to the UTP Supervisor last week (due date was 25th July). I saw a massive number of ordered books at the shop, and quickly asked the owner whether he wanted to take new orders. He agreed instantly, and promised that the hard cover binding will be completed by Wednesday (23rd July).

So, we went there on Wednesday, and found out that our reports were still not ready. The owner (this time a woman) said that the books will be ready by Thursday afternoon. I had some uneasy feelings at that time, but I still considered that hopefully by Thursday we will get our reports back.

On Thursday (afternoon), we went to the shop again and discovered that the shop was closed. What the heck?? Friday was the due date! We explained to the owner before that we have to submit the report by Friday. Did they ignore this fact? Unfortunately, we didn't have their phone numbers. If not, I might throw some 'beautiful words'. Oh No..I am a student of UTP. I can not tarnish the university's image. :p

So, we went to the shop again (4th time) in the evening on the same day. Luckily that time it was opened, but unluckily the reports were still not ready. I remember exactly how the lady said, " Jangan bimbang, saya dah buat kerja ni dah lama, tak pernah ada problem. Esok you akan dapat balik buku (referring to the reports) you paling lewat pukul 2 petang. Biasanya tengah hari you dah boleh dapat. Nanti I message."

Tunggu punya tunggu, esoknya (Jumaat) sampailah lepas habis solat Jumaat, tak ada satu pun message yang sampai. I decided to call my UTP Supervisor for the Industrial Internship, Dr. Chandra Mohan to delay the report submission. I was very lucky that he said yes, and I may submit my report on Tuesday - 29th July (he was not around on Monday 28th July). Fuh, lega. Alhamdulillah.

Petangnya, tepat jam 5.20 petang, aku dan rumet menerima message yang sama, "Buku dah sampai!" - that was exactly how the owner type the message, dengan satu tanda seru. Bukannya nak cakap elok-elok. Contohnya at least cakap la macam ni, "Salam, buku dah sampai. Maaf sebab lambat." Aiyoo..itu pun nak kena ajar ka? Masa tu we're on our way back home (Kota Bharu). Aku just reply, "Baru sampai ke? Kami dah terpaksa explain kat lecturer sebab tak hantar report on time." - and there was no reply.

Aku malas dah cakap panjang. Cakap panjang-panjang pun tak guna. Dah panjang pun. Kalau nak cakap pasal kualiti laagi laa..tambah-tambah panjang. Hahaha. For your information ni dia kedai tu (marked in red). So tengok betul-betul kalau nak hantar report atau apa-apa kerja lain yang penting:

Look closely (sebelah kedai tauke cina tu..)

I'm not in any sense nak sekat rezeki orang atau seumpanya, I just wanted to express my uneasy feeling towards the service providers out there that never think of their bad service to the customers. Do they think that they can go on easy for another years to come if they continue with the same attitudes? I wonder when our country will achieve that 2020 thing. Huh.~

Monday, July 21

Back in UTP. ~

Second day in UTP. I was in UTP since yesterday (20/07). So how's UTP after eight months? Sama saja macam dulu. Nothing much has changed except the food price is at the very highest level sejak zaman penubuhan UTP. Kalau nak katakan makanan bertambah sedap, tidak pula. Memanglah bersyukur kerana masih ada makanan dan tidak kebulur namun, alangkah bagusnya kalau berada di rumah. Teringat makanan di rumah. Huh..~

As usual, awal-awal semester kenalah susun jadual, daftar kelas itu dan ini. Nothing much, macam biasalah agak kelam kabut awal-awal ni. Pening juga dengan clash2 nya kelas elektif dengan major semua. Adeh.

UTP macam dulu saja. Orangnya (akulah) pun tak berubah sangat - sama saja mind set nya. Mungkin agak membandingkan suasana kerja dan belajar sajalah. I miss good old days in Germany, and I miss masakan mak.

Good news is, my best buddy (currently my rumet too :D) and I will be going back to our hometown this weekend. Yay..can't wait for that moment. :D ~

Wednesday, July 16

Alhamdulillah - Back Home

Alhamdulillah, 14 Julai 2008, tepat jam 6.30 pagi (waktu Malaysia), aku selamat tiba di KLIA. Perjalanan dari Frankfurt mengambil masa kira-kira 11 jam 30 minit. Next to me is a German woman, who currently lives in Australia. She’s very friendly, similar to Germans that I have met before. Perjalanan memang menyeronokkan kerana aku duduk di sebelah tingkap pesawat. The scenery was amazing, and it was really fun to talk to her. She shared a lot of her view related to Germany and Australia. As usual, these are some of the shots that I captured on the way from Frankfurt – KLIA (katalah aku jakun sebab amik gamba banyak sangat - aku memang jakun pun! :p) :

Setibanya di KLIA, aku terus menuntut bagasi dan menuju ke kaunter untuk check-in bagi penerbangan seterusnya dari KLIA ke Kota Bharu. Selesai check-in, I went to KFC for breakfast. I requested for an X-Meal but only nasi lemak was available – RM7.50 + a cup of tea! Dahlah kurang sedap. Kalau kat kampung aku baru RM1.00, sedap pula. Selesai makan, aku ke ruang menunggu.

Tepat jam 10.15 pagi aku meninggalkan KLIA, dan kira-kira jam 11.00 pagi, aku tiba di Lapangan Terbang Sultan Yahya Petra, Pengkalan Chepa. Some shots during the flight from KLIA-KB:

Welcome back to me! It was really fun to be back. It is not fun however, thinking that I’ll be going back to UTP soon – all the hectic life, etc. It makes me wanting to go back to the internship life. Hahahah. See you later in UTP :p

Sunday, July 13

Last day in Germany + T H A N K S

Today is my last (full) day in Deutschland. Aku akan meninggalkan Deutschland insya Allah tepat jam 12.30 tengah hari esok (waktu Jerman). 7 months ++ was a really good experience to learn something new and extraordinary in my life. It was a great opportunity.

Yesterday, I went to BASF for the last time to settle for everything. It was good to hear final words from my supervisor before leaving BASF. Banyak juga yang aku pelajari daripada dia. In fact, I was relieved that he checked my final report from page to page, (there were tonnes of errors) even though he was very busy. I couldn't thank him enough, I just can promise that I'll keep in touch and updating him with my study, career and all.

My supervisor and some of my colleagues asked me if I would like to come back to Germany in the future. I just can say it will be great if I have another chance to come here. Everything here seems to be just fine and it gets better as the time flies. I would never have definite answer for that, just go by the flow.

I am happy. I got a gift from BASF! It was not actually a gift, but I wanted to treat it that way. At first I thought that I have to return the pendrive from BASF, but fortunately my supervisor said I can keep it, as a gift from BASF to the interns. Yay..I like it (well, who don't like free stuffs?)

I like it. Thanks BASF!

Itu cerita semalam, dah agak basi. Macam mukaddimah la orang cakap. Ni nak masuk cerita hari ni plak. Tadi aku ke Lindenhof untuk berBBQ bersama dengan Mannheimers. That was the last gathering for us, it was fun and sad too. Makanan memang sedap, aku memang respek mereka. Memang terer bab masak-masak. Entah bila lagi boleh merasa masakan mereka.

Some shots that I captured during the last gathering:

Starting the fire - aku tolong: tolong tengok :p

Mula membakar ayam :D

Sede mula sedih - mungkin sebab akan berpisah. Hahaha :p

Pudin dan Faizal berasap-asap

Aku pula berasap-asap - tapi hanyalah lakonan semata-mata - Kuang3x :p

Ayam yang sangat best! Sapekah yang perap ayam ni..sila share resepi ye.

It was fun and delicious but I have to leave earlier to go to Heidelberg to buy some more souvenirs for my friends and relatives. Thank to Gunter for giving me a ride to Heidelberg. :D It was kind of last minute but luckily I realize that I haven't buy enough things for them.

I hope that I can give something to my friends, as a token of appreciation, especially to those who didn't mind that I disturbed them with YM, friendster, etc during my time here. I hope so. Hehehe. For those who didn't reply my messages, comments at all, yup I admit that I kind of dissapointed. But hey, maybe you're busy and maybe I annoyed you with the messages.

I have finished packing. I just hope that there will be no problem for the check-in tomorrow. Doakanlah untuk perjalanan aku esok ya.

Panjang pula bercerita. Ok, dipendekkan cerita, aku sangat bersyukur kerana mendapat peluang untuk berada di Germany beberapa bulan lepas dan aku berasa sangat bertuah kerana bertemu dengan ramai kawan baru. 7 bulan bukan waktu yang singkat, jadi aku ingin memohon kemaafan andainya ada salah silap aku dalam berkawan - aku bukan insan yang baik, jauh sekali sempurna. Last but not least, thank you so much for everything. Keep in touch everyone. :)

Sayonara dan semoga jumpa lagi..insya Allah. :D

Friday, July 11

“I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.” - Henry David Thoreau

Ceduk gaya Alin cket, buat quote sebagai title. Hehehe. Jangan mare Alin. Tadek idea ni nak letak tajuk apa.

Nak update pasal apa ni. Ok, semalam aku pergi ke Wuerzburg, which is located 114 kilometers from Ludwigshafen (tempat tinggal aku sekarang). Nasib baik lebih 2 marhalah, bolehlah aku buat solat jamak qasar. :)

Nak dijadikan cerita, aku memang 'ter'bangun lambat semalam. Tidur pun dah 3.oo pagi, nak expect bangun awal? Huh..tapi apa-apa pun aku dah nekad untuk ke Wurzburg sebelum aku balik ke Malaysia. Aku terus bersiap, dan memulakan perjalanan kira-kira jam 11.40 pagi.

Jam 3.22 petang, aku sampai di Wuerzburg. I still remember the first time I reached there was during winter-spring, it was quite cold. Tapi sekarang? Wah..begitu panasnya. Kadang-kadang aku rasa lagi panas daripada cuaca di Malaysia. Air yang aku bawak satu botol (1 liter) dah habis semasa berada dalam train lagi.

Yeah, apa lagi ye..malas nak cerita banyak-banyak, just wanna show some photos that I think are good enough to my eyes (again, malas nak edit - I just made them smaller in term of resolution and uploaded them right away). I'm quite happy with the results - even without editing. I love my camera - it's really worth to own it. Alhamdulillah :D

The first shot - the Wuerzburg river

Wuerzburg river

Found this spot under the bridge - the fish is very big..goreng pun sodap :p

Another pond shot

Fortress Marienberg - on da way to Kaepele

Fortress Marienberg - another view

View from the Kaepele - Thanks to the German-Thai husband & wife.

A hiking route behind the Kaepele

Behind the Kaepele

A different view of the jungle

Love the jet trails into the clouds

Fortress Marienberg - from the Kaepele

The Kaepele - once it was a church

Wuerzburg old city

Another view...

Another one...

And another one...

Fortress Marienberg - a closer view.

The UNESCO Residence Palace - thanks to an aunty

The Residence Palace - one of the most important castle in Europe

The Residence Palace

The Residence Palace - another view

The Residence Palace - another view

Look at the sky.. :).

Last shot in Wuerzburg

One of the most beautiful sunset I ever see in Germany :D

Orait, enough of photos. Aku sampai di rumah hampir 11.30 mlm. Penat tapi aku rasa berbaloi kerana dapat ambil banyak gambar yang menarik. This is my last shot for that day, semasa menunggu bas untuk balik ke rumah. I'll miss this place after this. :(

Ok, one (or two) more post to go before going back to Malaysia.

See you later in next post. :D