Tuesday, September 30

My Sister's Blog - Check it Out =D

My sister has a blog now. It is not actually her personal blog, it is for some of her products. In fact, I helped her to set up the blog. She is currently a freelancer working on business on various fields. So, this is one of her field - some accessories for the girls. Before this she never knew what blog is, and what blog can do to promote her products online - so I helped her to set the blog up, and consequently maintains the blog after this.

Check her blog out here:

If you're interested to get the products, you can contact me directly or just follow the instruction there. Promote...promote..hahaha. =D

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Monday, September 22

Caffeine = Insomnia

I think I haven't sleep for the last 24 hours. I don't really remember how much caffeine did I take last night. I tried to sleep but the caffeine in my blood pretty much told me not to. I woke up and start my routine with studying? Of course not. This week is going to be the last week in UTP before Hari Raya holiday. My mind is not in UTP, not anymore...only my body is.

If you asked me, how is the final year so far? I can quickly answer, "It is very well-packed with projects, but it doesn't mean my life is over." I have to at least open my photoshop program or browse through the internet - or else I'll explode thinking of all those projects.

This is gonna be my last post before Raya, so I would like to wish all of you "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin." Kita manusia biasa memang tak boleh lari daripada melakukan kesilapan, oleh itu marilah kita saling bermaaf-maafan sempena bulan yang mulia ini. 0-0

I need to sleep now. It's almost 7.00 AM!

Friday, September 19


It is a dinner for july 04/05 batch. I'm not gonna promote it here further since many of you already knew about it, but what I wanna share is the blog for the event:

Click here for Fabulosity

Visit the blog, it is really fun to read all those comments, especially from those heartless types who think that they are better than others, in fact they are NOT at all. Anonymous, sindarela...all kind of persons from nowhere...well if you've read this blog for a long time, you'll notice that I've posted about this before.

Just one word, if you really want to help the event, give positive criticism and not judgment of everything that the committee did. You think that you know better because you've handled such event before? Think twice because everything is not the same all the time. Things change.

This is just my few cents, I'm not a committee member of the event, and I'm still thinking whether to go or not but I have nothing to say, to lose or to sorry about if anyone is offended by this post.

Later, then.

Saturday, September 13

Long time no see...LOL :D

Berhabuk dan berdebu lagi blog aku ni. Saban hari semakin jarang aku singgah di sini. Terus terang aku katakan, aku asyik me'lagha' di DeviantART.com. Semakin hari semakin lagha. Hahahaha. :P

Just some update, alhamdulillah, setelah beberapa kali mencuba nasib dalam beberapa digital art contest di website tersebut, aku menang dalam dua contest. Salah satunya menerusi gambar ini:

Dan satu lagi, menerusi hasil kerja aku yang ini:

What type of prizes that I've won? I won mainly subscription to the site (I won 3 years ++ subscription that is worth about RM300.00). I also won some prints (print is just like poster of digital artwork). The other prizes are mainly exclusive stock photos, commision of artwork, journal feature, and etc. You will not understand most of these terms unless you're active on DeviantART just like me. Hahahaha. :P

I know...I know, someone who read this post will say, what is he bragging about? I'll simply answer, "This is my blog, so I'll just brag about almost anything I wanted to."

That's all of my bragging...comment if you like to, keep quiet if you don't..Hahahahaha.

Jane..~ see you later in the next post. I'll try to update as often as possible in the near future..hopefully.