Tuesday, May 26

Alhamdulillah. Unofficially graduated.

Alhamdulillah. Today, I completed my last final examination paper and final year project oral presentation. I'm fully satisfied with both. Everything went well, much better than what I expected in my mind earlier.

I went to the multipurpose hall for the final examination at around 8.15 am. The examination started at 9.00 am, but I was too excited to finish it up once and for all. At 11.30 am, I went out of the examination hall. My fingers were still a little bit cramped all over at that time cause I tried to write as fast as I can. I rechecked the paper only once and that's it. I want to stay longer, but I had another thing to catch up with at 12.40 pm - my final presentation.

One of my colleagues, Zaid was still presenting his project when I arrived at the presentation venue. At 12.10 noon, he completed his presentation. I started my presentation at 12.15 noon and ended it at 12.45. Got few questions mostly from internal lecturer. External examiner was really kind and supportive. He gave a few recommendations on how to improve the project. I think this session was much better than the poster presentation last month. :)

As soon as I completed my presentation, I called my mother. I was really happy and satisfied the moment I said "Mum, I've finished everything today". (in my own dramatic dialect, of course). Oh, btw I still have to print the final reports and give them some "hardbound" touches. :P

I'm very happy right now but deep in my heart I know I'll be going out for the real life journey after this. To think of it further will make me worry so much but for now, thank you Allah for giving me chance to complete my study with a happy ending. I couldn't have done it without time, good health and spirit that You've given. Alhamdulillah.

Friday, May 15


Tertarik dengan entri Jazlin tentang tanggungjawab. Mungkin ramai yang tahu maksud tanggungjawab tetapi belum sedar akan kepentingan dan bagaimana ingin melaksanakannya dalam kehidupan seharian. Bagi aku, tak kira tanggungjawab itu besar atau kecil, semuanya sama. Masing-masing punya peranan tersendiri. Mungkin bagi kamu suatu tanggungjawab itu kecil, tapi bagi aku tanggungjawab yang sama itu besar maknanya.

Tanggungjawab bila menggunakan barang orang lain, yang aku rasakan makin dilupakan dari semasa ke semasa:

1. Kalau nak guna barang orang lain, pinjam dengan elok jangan main ambik saja. Mungkin tuan punya barang itu memerlukan barang itu pada masa yang sama ia di"kebas". Yep, I used term "kebas" sebab itu memang hakikatnya.

2. Dah pandai pinjam, pandailah pulangkan balik. Jangan biar tuan punya barang yang terhegeh-hegeh mintak balik.

3. Dah pulangkan, at least say thank you/terima kasih. Tak hilang gigi walau sebatang kalau perkataan itu diucapkan walau beratus kali.

This is not in any way related to Jazlin experience, it is from my own experience staying in hostel starting from Form 4. Ingatkan bila dah masuk Universiti, mentaliti orang yang berpelajaran tinggi tentang tanggungjawab lebih mantap, tapi ternyata tidak...it happens all the time over and over.

Ini baru tanggungjawab tentang menggunakan barang orang lain, belum lagi menyentuh tentang benda lain yang lebih besar. Mungkin bagi kamu hal ini kecil, tapi bagi aku...it can change how I think about you, overall. (I'm no judge, but I can evaluate people according to my experiences with them).

Malas dh nak fikir pasal hal ni.
Buat serabut saja.

Thursday, May 7

Almost the end [Part II]...

I'm going to sit for my last final examination starting from this coming Monday (May 11). Still doing head banging in front of my computer. Gotta study real soon.

FYP Presentation = Final Paper

The final year project presentation schedule is out now (latest updated on May 6). Nothing much, except that my presentation will be held on the same day as my last exam paper with 40 minutes gap. Nice..~. Before this it clashed with each other but due to my complaint the slot is now changed. I'm thinking of going out from exam hall earlier that day, but only God knows if the exam paper is going to be manageable.

My Latest Artwork

I want to share something, this my latest work in deviantART:

I'm thinking of doing a cat poster after this if I have time. Ah, lagho nya aku...

May 10

May 10 is coming, and I can't run from thinking of my late grandfather who passed away 5 years ago on the same date. I wish that he is with me right now, giving me chance to at least say thank you for all the love and encouragement that he gave me since I was a child. I don't know how I can repay him for what he has done except to pray that he will always be blessed by Allah.

Reality, it's too sad to be true but you can't avoid it anyway cause it's real as it is.

Anyway, good luck to all for the coming exams!

Friday, May 1

Home sweet home: Almost the end....

I'm at my home right now, the best place on earth. My best buddy drove us home as usual. Thanks best buddy - I want the photos of me (you, and kak G) and the flowers (cumilnye..) later. Don't forget aaa...

I had the best chicken rice (nasi ayam) in the world just now. My mum & sis cooked it knowing that I'm coming back today. They didn't told me earlier..it's a surprise as usual. Cool. :D

This will be my last holiday before completing my study. It is almost the end of another chapter in my life as a student in UTP. About five years ago, when I first joined UTP, I had a feeling that it would be very difficult to survive competing with so many great students. Being chosen is a great thing, but being the survivor among the fittest is another thing.

I think I did survive but I've never regarded myself as a good student. I didn't study as much as some of my friends did. I didn't buy many textbooks cause if I bought all of them, I'll not read anyway. Some of the books that I bought weren't used at all. I wasn't really close to any lecturer as opposed to one my senior's advice to get close to the lecturers. I didn't pay much attention in the class and I missed "some" of my classes for some unreasonable reasons. Now that there will be no more classes in the future, I did regret not attending some of the classes before, how ironic.

I attended my last class yesterday. It was Gas Process Engineering. Majority of the students were not there because of other commitments (presentations, reports, etc). I went just because I didn't want to miss my last class in my schedule as a student. For this reason, I was quite happy. In fact, I was really impressed to see my lecturer's willingness to teach even though there are not many in the class. I should have had his spirit to learn from the first day in UTP! Haha :P

Wow, it's quite long. I never talk about myself and UTP so much in the blog before this. Enough for now, good luck to all UTPians who are going to sit for their final examination starting from next week (May 11). All the best, May Allah be with us during our struggle to achieve the best results. :D