Saturday, April 25

On Caffeine + No productivity

It's almost 3.15 am in the morning (25/4/2009) - and I am still wandering around my computer without productivity. Someone asked me to design a book cover for her new novel (with certain payment to be discussed later) - but I still have no inspiration about it. I wanted to start doing it today nonetheless I failed. Maybe caffeine affects me so much, my head feels so empty. I don't feel like sleeping too. [moral value: do not drink too much coffee!]

The last thing I remember after I did my GPE test was creating this image:

...and I love this one. Still, I don't have any idea to create the book cover. I hope the idea will come later...insya Allah. If it is successful, this will be my first big project. Wish me luck!

p/s: I didn't expect myself to be a regular user of Photoshop few years back, but now I think creating something with Photoshop is very enjoyable, and getting something from it is just a bonus. Btw, I won third place in Poster Competition organized by Rakan Muda UTP during the "Siswa Benci Dadah" campaign recently :)

Thursday, April 23

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Help to save the world as much as we can, because it is dying...

p/s: Thanks to my best buddy who treated me with coconut shake and roti john yesterday, at pasar malam (might be the last pasar malam in UTP). Why he suddenly being sweet? Ask him for detail. Hint: maybe because he is surrounded by sweetness all around him? :P

Ah, I'm going for the test now. Gas Process Engineering...wish me luck. I need lots of luck for this course.. :(

Thursday, April 16

#Tag 12 - The Google Images Tag

Finally, I've completed my final year project plant design report - reactor design after 3 days of losing my rest and creative time for photoshop. I wonder who created all of those equations in the design. They must be in an asylum if they still exist in this world. :P I still have polymer engineering and corporate ethics assignment and projects, though. :(

Back to the tag, It's coming from Syafiqa - she used to be "mama" in the peer helper family not long time ago. :P The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people. (I change the rule as usual)

I am: a chemical engineering student

I really want to go: Germany (one more time), and Mekah with my parents...insya Allah

My fave place: My Sweet Home

My fave drinks:
Soy Bean

My fave food: Nasi kerabu, satay and sushi

My fave colour: Blue, red and black

My fave show: Grey's Anatomy & The Big Bang Theory

My hobbies: Photoshop (coz I can spend hours exploring and experimenting)

My wishes:

1. To work as a chemical engineer

2. To be a great photographer

3. To own a Honda or Toyota

4. Last but not least, to live happily with my family (current and future family :P)

Done - I spent about 20 minutes to do this. If you really wanna do this - go ahead. I'm sure this tag will make anyone's blog looks nicer since there are a lot of images. :D

Thursday, April 9

The Long Awaited Update

Akhirnya, dapat juga aku update blog. Bukan sebab internet connection di UTP dah okay. It never has and never will. Semuanya sebab Celcom Broadband. Thanks to my brother who has allowed me to use his USB modem, and he will sponsor some of the payment starting from this month. Look at the modem blue (the one glowing in red is my plug extension) XD

Celcom broadband (direfer sebagai "beruk"band oleh abg aku andainya ada yang tak kena dengan connectionnya..hahaha).

So, semalam aku dan best buddy ke Ipoh setelah agak lama tidak menghirup udara luar UTP. Udara UTP memanglah masih boleh dihirup, tapi kadang-kadang kena juga merasa udara luar. Lagipun baru sahaja selesai pre-EDX presentation FYP II..agak byk juga la seorang Dr. M (bukan nama sebenar) ni menanyakan soalan. huhu. Plan untuk makan di Sushi King dan membeli sedikit barang apa yang patut.

The plastic bags...made from non-degradable polymers - Polyethylene (PE). Dr. Z (nama sebenar), see how I apply your teaching here :D

Things that I bought:
  • 6 soy bean 6 x RM1.78
  • Hot (RM5.90) & Digital Camera magazine (RM9)
  • A4 paper from Tesco 440 sheets 80gsm (RM7.95)
  • Mamee RM3.15
  • Maggi RM3.68
  • Kickapo Joy Juice RM2.38
  • Yoghurt RM1.25
  • Nata de Coco (small one) RM1.05
  • Fruitty Jelly RM2.09
  • Spoon and fork (RM 1.99 each set)
  • Mr. Potato RM2.98
  • Select Mineral Water (not in the photo) RM13.50
  • USB Vacuum Cleaner RM9.90

Total RM77.52. It's all everything I need except for some junk foods, and the USB vacuum cleaner. I bought it because it's CUTE. :D Next, we went to Sushi King - it's our alternative since we are avoiding ourself from most of the Western Cuisines (not always but most of the time, since the Palestinian issue this year).

The birthday boy - late celebration. Happy Belated birthday \o/

The healthy good taste.. :P

Anyway, enough with the funky things. It is almost the end of my study in UTP...and I don't plan to continue my study here or anywhere else. I really hope that I'll get a good job as soon as possible and be able to contribute something to my parents and least a little if not much.

Good luck to all my friends, in study as well as future career. :)