Monday, February 1

"It takes millions of people to complete this world but it only takes you to complete me."

Just forget about the title. It is not at-all related to what I'm going to put in this entry. I simply love it. So, it is February now! Time flies too fast..sometimes I feel like it is still 2009. Whatever it is, I like this February for some reasons.

1. Chinese New Year (CNY) - means holiday...and yeah, I have applied for some more holidays in addition to CNY. I am actually planning to prepare for my sister's engagement ceremony, and going to some nice places (Beaches is one of them of course!). Congrats to my sister who will get married this year. Wish you all the best!

2. I've wanted to buy a new camera since after my internship last two years, but I never did because I already bought one during my internship. Now I think it is about time to buy another one. It will be my fourth camera. Not sure this time it will be another Canon or not. Still surveying what's the best based on my budget & other criteria.

3. I'm happy to share that my work in deviantart: now one of my best seller in my gallery! It all started after three days I posted the work on the site & someone has bought a 36 x 36 inch print of the photo. Now, 5 pieces of the same photo have been sold. Alhamdulillah :)

4. Now almost everyone is on Facebook. It's like you're left behind if you're not on Facebook. I can see some people who update their Facebook status almost every hour, of every day. I'm very impressed! I don't even have idea of what to share on daily basis! I still remember how I loved Friendster about two to three years ago, and now the hype is not there. Will Facebook become like it one day? Well, lets just wait n see..

Enough said. More updates later if I have time + mood. ^_^