Tuesday, December 22

PETRONAS in now the title sponsor of Mercedes GP

I read about this news in Paul Tan's last night & confirmed it today as it is written in Harian Metro.

"PETRONAS has just moments ago announced that it will be the title sponsor of Mercedes GP! This comes as a surprise after it was widely reported that the national oil company will be ending its involvement in F1 as a team sponsor. The choice of Mercedes GP is also unexpected – after all Malaysia has its “own” team in Lotus F1. The five-year agreement with Mercedes comes after Petronas’ deal with BMW Sauber ended in the just concluded 2009 season. Under this new deal, Petronas will be the title partner to the Silver Arrows works team, which will be officially known as the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team."

Read more HERE for more info.

In my opinion, of course I think it is a very good move by PETRONAS. It will surely boost the company brand name worldwide since Mercedes, as all of us know is a very famous car-maker. I did admit my desire & passion for one of the Mercedes' cars. Well, who didn't want a Mercedes? 0_o

Some will say that PETRONAS should sponsor Lotus F1 Team because they are from the same country. Well, I think it is not right to say that PETRONAS is not patriotic enough just because they chose Mercedes instead of Lotus Team. Business is business, it is nothing personal. I've seen how 'big' Mercedes is in Germany itself. The "WOW" factor didn't come easily for them. They have BMW and Volkswagen (VW) as immediate rivals from the same country, but they somehow manage to be among the best.

If I own a company, I surely want my company to be associated with other great companies like Mercedes. Lotus F1 should gain that "WOW" factor first, then I think there will be no problem for them getting big sponsorship (might even bigger than PETRONAS) but for now I think the situation is fair enough.

Last time when I heard the news that BMW have withdrawn from Sauber Team, and eventually followed by PETRONAS, I was little bit upset. Now, I should say that I am quite proud & happy with the current news...Mercedes GP PETRONAS. Wow! I wish them all the best in years to come :)