Tuesday, December 22

AVATAR: One of the best EVER.

If you don't know what Avatar is, let me explain...it is an icon representing yourself in cyberspace. LOL, just kidding! Avatar is the new movie directed by James Cameron, the director who produced the epic movie, Titanic in 1997.

At first, I hesitated a lot whether I want to watch "Avatar" after looking at very high rating (8.9/10) given by users in IMDB. Based on my previous experience, a very high rating for a movie sometimes is very overrated.

So, I watched Avatar without a very high expectation, and guess what it was awesome!! The effects, the story line, the musics and everything in it is freakin' amazing! It is such a long time I didn't see such great movie after the Lord Of The Ring and Titanic. It is full of great messages about humanity...about relationship between human & nature; about how wars can devastate human & nature.

It is a must watch movie not just for its CGI effects but it IS a great movie. My rating = 9.0/10. So, in conjunction with this movie, I officially changed my desktop wallpaper to this one:

It will gonna stay that way for quite some time, I think. :P


iLLy said...

finally watched it. and i must say, i was blown away by the CG effects.

i don't care if people say the storyline is cliche but i love it anyway.

Husna said...

cinema kat mesra mall da open ke?

Mohd Hafizd said...

bnyk2 mkn nasik kerabuuuu

HARITH said...

first and foremost..sorry because it has been very long time since my last visit..cehh skipping pagi buto..haha

wahh..makin kerap tgk movie ek..hehe ambo dop dey lg nk g tgk..xdop sapo nk ajak..hehe sedak sengoti ek? nnt dh dload tu share2 la ye..hehe

moroka said...

Illy, yup very true, the cgi is very good. and the storyline is pretty good. cliche? I love it anyway. :)

Husna, there is no such thing as cinema in here. just donlod je. haha

pitya nasi kerabu ye..cool gak kalau jd biru lpas mkn nasi kerabu :)

harith, bereh2, sharing is caring ;)

anna john said...

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